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How to write and deliver a remarkable Spoken Word piece.


This guide will show you the steps to write and perform poetry like a Spoken Word artist. You will learn how to perform a spoken word piece,which is a written poem meant to performed and read aloud. Once you get trained in the poetic art of spoken word you can go out and participate in local open mics all around the city.

1. Brain storm themes and topics. Before you begin to write you have to find an interesting topic for your spoken word piece. You can write about anything that interest you, or topics that deal with an issue in society. For instance, I Wrote a poem that expressed my love for my mother for her birthday.

2. Research Your topic. Once you have chosen a topic then you have to search for information that can add to your personal opinion. Depending on the piece you would like to write, research will be an essential part of writing. If it is apiece that deals with mostly your opinion there will not be a lot of research necessary. However, if the piece details a factual event or person, research is essential to portraying that event or person accurately. You can research through reading, conversation, or even an interview.

3. Think about the message you would like to convey. After gathering information,you have to determine what message you would like to express to your audience.You can decide to take several routes when determining your message. Spoken Word artist can inspire, humor, or raise awareness. It’s up to you to define the purpose of your piece.

4. Begin to write. After you have determined the purpose and have done the proper research, you can begin to write your poem. You should free write, by jotting down anything that comes to mind about your topic. When you free-write it gives you an outline of things you can include in your poem. You have to think about the elements you would like to use in your poem to increase the poetic value. Many spoken word artist use imagery, rhyme, alliteration, and metaphors to give the audience a vivid account of the poem. The way you write down a poem will not always be the final draft. You may have to reorganize your work to make it flow.

5. Memorize your poem. A spoken word artist has to get comfortable with the breaks, rhyme scheme and wording. The best way to do that is by remembering your poem.Spoken word is meant to be performed and an artist has to verbally express the piece to an audience. Spoken word has a lot to do with confidence, and when you are performing that audience is looking for it. You have to know and be confident in yourself to deliver an appealing performance.

6. Practice the performance. After you have memorized your piece it is important to think about how you want to say it. In poetry,there is a structure that determines the presentation of a poem. In spoken word the presentation involves performance and the literary devices you choose to utilize. You have to make sure that you know every word, break, rhyme, and pause to fully master the art of delivery. Spoken word artist use their pauses to captivate the audience and make the piece more dramatic. You have to also consider the facial expressions and body language you will use in the performance. All of these components will make up your performance.

7. Deliver your spoken word piece. You have to pace yourself and make sure that you do not rush the poem. Use all of the lessons from practicing. Make sure that you remember the words, and use pauses and other dramatic tools to mesmerize the audience. Be confident. You have to believe in yourself and your poem.

8. Practice,practice, practice. Continue to practice your craft. You can perform your spoken word piece with friends and family. You can look and the mirror and recite it to see what the audience will see. Practice it as you are walking around the house or to school. People might think you are talking to yourself but you are familiarizing yourself with the poem. Any opportunity you get to share, take advantage of it.

9. Find alocal open mic. When you are confident that you are ready to perform in front of a crowd, find a local open mic. Open mic nights are events that allow local artist, poets, and musicians to share their work with an audience. Open mics are held in community centers, churches, restaurants, and schools. The only thing left to do is to get on that stage and deliver a captivating piece with style and confidence.

10. Continueto perform. To fully master the art of spoken word,take any opportunity to perform.


1. Take your time

2. Memorize

3. Be confident

4. Share with family and friends

What You Need:

· Theme or Topic

· Purpose

· Paper

· Pen

· Confidence

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