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How to become a Python by Olumide Holloway


When a living, moving thing can average 17feet in length and some grow to be about 30feet, it is worth studying, right?

All muscles, no hands, no legs, no claws, no talons, and yet has continued to survive and thrive despite the different Competitors for the same prey.

Today we will be talking about snakes. But not just any snake, special focus is on Mr. P aka the Python.

The Python (i.e. the Reticulated Python) is the longest snake in the world at 30feet, closely followed by the Green Anaconda (species of the Boa Constrictor) at about 29feet. But the Anaconda is almost twice as heavy.

Let’s focus on the Python for today.

At a average size of 17feet, it is a massive beast, now imagine a 30feet beast.

Its diet includes lizards, rats, birds, other reptiles, mammals and has been known to attack and kill humans. Yes and unfortunately, we are on the menu list of this beast. (Did I hear you shout God Forbid!!!!).

They are sit and wait predators, difficult to detect and difficult to trap due to infrequent movements between hiding places. They can even live in urban areas easily.

They will generally attack any animal or humans when feeling hungry or provoked. You often don’t see them if you are not actively looking for them.

The Python is a constrictor. It uses its sharp, backward curving teeth to grasp and restrain prey. Then quickly wraps coils of its body around the prey and squeezes.

The Python doesn’t actually seek to crush the prey and break bones. It constricts and suffocate its prey. But multiple fractures will occur when a beast is wrapped around a prey and squeezing.

It squeezes so tightly that the animal can’t breathe; each time the prey exhales, the Python tightens its coils to take up space making the ribcage smaller and possibly crushing it.

After several tightening, the prey can’t get air into its lungs and at this point the prey goes unconscious from lack of oxygen and blood to the brain.

This snake can also feel the heart beat of the prey, and so continues to squeeze until the heart of the prey stops beating.

Death of the prey is primarily by cardiac arrest. 

When the prey’s heart stops, the snake knows it is safe to release its coils and begin to eat. It expands the jaws and swallows the prey whole.

So what’s special about the Python? What can we learn from it? Well, it’s quite simple, you are supposed to be a Python. Yes, you reading this. You should and must be a Python.

Why should you be a Python? And How do you become one?

First, let’s deal with the “WHY.”

It’s because you are built for impact. You are not a Waka pass in this movie called life.

There are three basic items you need to (positively) impact your society and the world, as well as, achieve success.

Two are internal, the third is external.

Your gift/talent aka skill and your passion aka energy are the first two. The third is satisfying a human need, desire or want.

Next the “HOW.”

So how does becoming a Python help you impact your society?

Let’s play with your mind a lil in this instance.

Imagine your gift/talent aka skill as the prey, and your passion aka energy is the Python. Now wrap your energy around your skill and squeeze.

Each squeeze of you on you should produce an action.

As your skill exhales, squeeze a lil more. Each breath equals another squeeze and each squeeze leads to an action that should produce a new song, a new article, a new book, a new dance, a cloth, a fashion item, a service, a product etc.

Every day and all day, you squeeze harder, tighter and you only stop squeezing when the heart of your skill stops beating.

There is a market for every product, but there is no product for every market.

So no matter what you squeeze out, it will satisfy the need, desire or want of someone, somewhere who requires what you produce. But how can they find you or know you if you don’t produce anything?

Even if the world thinks what you do/ produce is senseless or nonsense.

Please tell them there is always sense in every nonsense and senseless. Better still, tell them to say/use “non-sense” and “sense-less” without “sense” and see if it makes a sensible “sense tense,” I mean, sentence.

So till your heart stops beating, never stop squeezing.

Jah bless.

King Olulu, not from Zulu.

Building capacity in people using words and poetry.

All animal pictures were gotten online, we do not own the pictures.

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