The mere fact that you are reading this means one, you believe it and two, you like money :).
Well, don’t worry, I did not write this just to catch your attention. What you have here is based on years of research.
But surely you don’t expect me to just disclose “trade secrets” just like that. Though if you read between the lines, you will get a good idea of what I am “trying not to write in full.” But if you don’t get it, well, that’s why I am here as a consultant, and you know that, “there is nothing free in Freetown.”
Ok, so how can telecom companies make money from Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria?
First, what does Spoken Word Poetry and telecom companies have in common? Words!!! Whether it is written words (i.e. Texts, BBM, and Emails) or Spoken Words (i.e. phone calls and voice mails), they are words.
Two, it’s a known fact that talents are diverse, and people have aspiration as regards their talents. They want to showcase themselves on the big stage. That’s why musically inclined people who want to be a “TuFace,” “M.i ” or a “D’Banj,”  flock to a “Naija got talent” or “Project Fame.” They know after the competition there is a place, (call it industry if you like), for them to progress into.
So we looked at the model of Comedy growth in Nigeria and we created, WORD UP, the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event in Nigeria. After a couple of shows and a lot of noise, (pun intended), we have more poets than we ever can feature. Meaning, poets now have that “big stage” they crave for and also, we now need to introduce “conditions” before they can get to feature on that “big stage.” Thus, we came up with, “War Of Words,”  a slam poetry competition that involves video submission of poetry performance on a given theme and competing on stage against fellow finalists chosen from the submitted videos. The top three poets after competing on stage get to feature at WORD UP. The other poets? Well, better luck next time.
Three, why would I want to be a Spoken Word Poet if there is no big platform to showcase my skills? Ok, we have got WORD UP (the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event in Nigeria). How do I get on WORD UP? Well, you have to cross seven rivers and climb seven mountains and bring us the head of an albino Eagle, or just enter for War Of Words. Perhaps, it can become pick up your phone and em………em ………..!!!!!
Four, with so many poetry writing competitions, why don’t we get to hear about the winners after the competition? That is easy, most organizers don’t have a transition plan. So after they get their winner, there is no next level to go.
Five, how is WORD UP the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event in Nigeria? If you had people come in from Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Namibia and even UK, to feature at the event, is that big or not? Ok wait, I am still “coming” (pun intended).
What about in May 2013, we invited and featured Shihan Van Clief, (a renowned Spoken Word Poet based in America and who has performed severally at Def Poetry Jam), and for 2014, we have Black Ice primed and rearing to come.
Is that big or not?
For the uninitiated, you might want to ask, who is Shihan? Who is Black Ice? No, long thing, Google them, Google Def Poetry Jam, watch their videos on Youtube, and please note the number of views they have on Youtube.
Now imagine a “local, unknown boy (or girl)” sharing the stage with international Spoken Word Poets.
But getting on that stage is not automatic; after all, there are “no free oranges in Orange town.”
Six, enough rambling, how can telecom companies make money from Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria? Hmm, my lips are sealed, go read between the lines, if you still don’t get it, then, call me, I am a consultant in this field, and I can assure you, we are not that many in Nigeria, and well, (rolls eyes), I still collect my fees in Naira.
But really, if you still don’t get it, let me put it this way. We have created a platform for “only the best Spoken Word Poets” to feature on. However, what qualifies a poet as been good enough to perform at WORD UP? Just like “Star,” they would need to be triple filtered and we know the drill in getting them “filtered.”
If it is still not clear to you, come talk to us, together we will set the “stairs” and add it to our platform.
Hey, stop looking under the stairs that is not where the money is. The money is in “setting the stairs.”


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