Poetry is no longer what I do, it is who I am!!!

Our vision for poetry in Nigeria is to create a vibrant Spoken Word Poetry Industry where poets can earn a decent living from their performances.

In order, to achieve this vision, we had to get support – financial and otherwise – from poets, non-poets and organisations.

Truth be told, I have never seen myself as a marketer. Marketing was something I had always dreaded since the beginning of my job as a credit analyst in a financial institution. But the pursuit of my passion as a poet made me ready to sell myself and our vision for Poetry in order to gain people’s support.

The task of meeting and talking to people about Spoken Word Poetry, and the inherent benefits it provides for businesses and individuals has become a way of life. It has become so natural marketing the art of spoken word poetry that I am surprised at myself and I wonder what has changed in me!

It was quite simple though. It is Passion!!!

I am so passionate about the vision we have for Spoken Word Poetry, that talking about it has become very easy. All in the effort to make the vision a reality, I have learnt and practiced the principles of marketing, ATL, BTL, cold calling, and the art of branding. I have joined as many relevant social media sites as I could and ensured I posted content on poetry daily. I go out of my way to meet people; send out over a 100 emails on a daily basis; I browse the Internet to find the various ways businesses and potential sponsors could benefit from supporting our vision, and I consistently mentor and encourage poets to keep perfecting their art while we keep promoting and organizing Spoken Word Poetry events.

The truth is that it was not necessarily “Spoken Word Poetry” as a product that made me a good marketer, it is passion for the art, that is, the love and belief in the “product” that made me go out of my comfort zone of a Credit Analyst into Marketing. And despite the fact that we are still in search of a sponsorship deal for our poetry events, I am still eager to market the art of poetry to everyone that I come in contact with.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that if you have love for and belief in a product, service or even a person/ organisation, you would do what it takes to be a great marketer.



Olumide Holloway aka Olulu

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