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How I love to make love


This is how I love to make love
I defy the cultural paradigms
Claiming the woman must be beneath
Crushed by the weight of male ego
I love a woman who can take charge
And rise to the occasion
Defining rhythm and momentum
If love is pleasure
Pleasure must be mutual
We start a journey together
Why should we not together come back home
Or the destination we took off from

This is how I love to make love
Drive, depth and speed
Are crucial in defining romance
So I like to get to know my lover
Take her places
Hold hands or cuddle while we slow dance
Sit with her and talk
I’m sapiosexual so first
I make love to her mind
Next is her character
Humour, patience, poise
Are we a perfect match
Or do we lack the chemistry
To proceed with the biology lessons

This is how I love to make love
Every now and then surprise her in bed
Breakfast is best
Give her a feet rub
Or a full body massage
Turn her on her back and do it again
Slowly undress her
Taking her whole volume in my mouth
Harmless but flirtatious flattery
Short Gentle kisses
Kiss her in places she won’t expect
Like that song
A thousand kisses is never to much
So when you think your done with the kisses
Kiss her again
Till she confuses you with cries and pleas to stop
But kiss her still but softer and more gentle
One more kiss could be the climax of the day

This is how I love to make love
Her sexuality
Goes beyond her sexing me
Or both of us engage in this sexting thing
She is not a woodwing instrumentalist
Whose only skill is blowing your organ
Loving her means understanding
She would appreciate being a receiver more than a giver
Even though givers they say never lack

This is how I love to make love
If its not consensual
Then its never sexual
Or intimate
I never force or intimidate
It has to be mutually passionate
So before I undress
Introducing my self to her bare frame
I must first have penetrated her
In heart and mind
Releasing all my love in her
So we become one
And where I go she goes
and when I come so does she

Olamide J. Santos

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