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How does marketing relate to a beast that has a mouth full of bacteria? by Olumide Holloway


The Komodo Dragon also known as the Komodo Monitor is species of Lizard found in Indonesian Islands.

They are the most massive lizard species on Earth. They can grow as long as 10ft and 70kg in weight.

Given their location and size, they are at the top of the food chain aka apex predators of their ecosystem.

The Komodo Dragons are carnivores, feeding on large prey such as deer, water buffaloes, goats etc. They also feed on the decaying flesh of dead animals.

They have good vision and can run very fast over short distances. However, they are mainly ambush predators. The Komodo Dragons would wait for hours until a prey cross their path and then they rush at the prey catching them unawares.

The Komodo has a unique way of killing its prey, all it takes is one bite. Just one hit song, sorry I mean, just one bite.

Most times, after the prey is bitten, it is still able to run away/ escape. But the prey dies within 24 hours due to blood poisoning because the Komodo’s saliva is said to contain about 50 strains of bacteria.

Thus once the prey is bitten, it experiences decreased blood pressure and increased blood loss. With time the prey goes into shock, rendering it to weak to fight, and death slowly but surely claims its own.

With the Komodo’s fantastic sense of smell, it’s not always far behind the prey. It does not give chase, it just tracks the now dead animal via smell and “voila” (in French) food is served. 

One of my favorite marketing book is “The Invisible Touch” by Harry Beckwith.

The book stated, “products are made; services are delivered. Products are used; services are experienced. Products have physical attributes we can evaluate before we buy; services do not even exist before we buy them, as we often pay for services in advance.Services are personal, and a service relationship touches our essence and reveals the people involved: provider and customer.”

The Komodo’s bite and tracking of its dead prey, relates to two marketing concepts/ principles from this book. They are:

One, “what/where is your point of contact with your customer/ audience” and two, “to make and keep a sale, make and keep a powerful connection.”

You see the Komodo’s point of contact with its prey aka customer is the bite. All it needs is one bite. All you need is to identify your point of contact with your customer/ audience. For example, my people and I organise spoken word poetry events, so our point of contact is both emotional and physical.

The emotional point of contact is what the audience get to hear/ experience when they listen to poets performing on stage.

The physical part is me going to hug, shake and “chop knuckle” with audience and poets. Especially the poets, after their performance, I ensure to connect with them cos performers, all need a form of validation despite the applause of the audience.

We are humans, physical touch will always, always be necessary regardless of the ease of communication provided by technology.

I’m not saying go and be touching your customers o!!!

Your point of contact can be the packaging of your product/ service, it can the prompt response to enquires and complaints or the confidence you exude in your area of competence.

As the Komodo tracks it’s now dead prey, it has built a somewhat relationship with it. Thus, the 2nd concept of making and keeping a powerful connection, is all about relationship.

And like all healthy relationship, regular communication is very, very key. Use your nose (aka internet) to track them e.g. Facebook birthdays, WhatsApp status message etc. People always like to talk/ express themselves, so learn to be a “monitoring spirit.”

There are tools online e.g. Google alerts, which enables you to monitor “key words” spoken/ typed online about you, your business, your market/ Industry and your customers.

So like the Komodo Dragons, learn to bite, i.e. connect emotionally and/ or physically, (if you like go and bite with your teeth). Also, learn to track i.e. build a relationship with regular communication.

Have I helped you? Any questions? Clarification? Additional information? Or you need a hug? 😁😁😁.
Holla, I’m at your service!!!

King Olulu, not from Zulu.

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The pictures of the animals used were gotten online.

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