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How does a person improve as a poet and make a living out of poetry?



How does a person improve as a poet and make a living out of poetry?


To answer your question, try answering the three questions below:
1. Why do you want to improve as a poet?.
2. How do you intend to impact the world or solve problems with poetry?
3. What will be the unique features and benefits of your poetry?

Also, there are three factors you need to consider:

A) What humans needs would your poetry meet?
Your poetry must be able to meet and satisfy at least one human need. I know at least five needs poetry can meet/ solve. How many do you know? Please research.

B) What is your unique ability/ skill/ talent?
You need to utilize this everyday and in every way. My unique ability is writing, I can write without thinking, but I don’t talk without thinking.

C) What is your passion?
You must pursue that one thing you love or that you are passionate about or that makes you uncomfortable or that is a burden on your heart. My passion is spoken word poetry, precisely , developing a vibrant spoken word poetry industry in Nigeria and then Africa. So I aim to start training poets on positioning their art form as a business and make it impactful, successful and profitable.

As regards, these three factors namely:

1. Satisfying human needs.
2. Utilizing your unique ability.
3. Pursuing your passion.

If you put these factors together, the point they overlap/ intersect (try to picture 3 circles intersecting in a venn diagram) that is where your success/ impact/ money lies.

Of course you need to also consider research, product development, market niche, market fit, growth/ expansion, systems etc.

Olumide Holloway (aka King Olulu, not from Zulu)

Picture Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pictures-of-money/17123251389

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