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How companies can make money from Poetry events.



Spoken Word Poetry is an art form that is embedded in other arts such as music and comedy. It is also an art that is usually adopted in many advert commercials.

The advent of Def Poetry Jams in USA and other events have gradually made Spoken Word Poetry recognized and accepted as a stand alone art. The art is also growing as a source of income for creative individuals who are willing and able to follow their passion.

However, companies still hesitate to sponsor the art form because they are not too sure if they will get enough benefits from their investments.

Here are a few practical ways companies can derive benefits if and when they decide to sponsor Spoken Word Poetry events:

  1. Sponsor a poetry competition and make the prize mouth watering. An attractive prize will attract active poets and dormant poets to come out and exhibit their creative abilities.
  2. Give the poetry competition a theme. The theme could be the company’s slogan, a marketing phrase etc. Thus, if the event is a Slam Poetry/ Performance Poetry Competition, the poets will be required to perform poems using the event’s theme.
  3. Integrate the company’s goods and services into the competition. For instance, if a telecom company is sponsoring the poetry competition, the mode of entries can be by sending a poem via text or calling to recite the poem. If the company is into FMCG, the mode of entry can be open auditions and the poets would be required to use evidence of having purchased and used the company’s product within a certain period. The product could even have a number on it or ticket in it that would be presented before the poets can be auditioned. There are many ways other companies can integrate their products and services into the competition.
  4. Make use of the poets’ connection/ contacts. Everyone has their own circle of influence, therefore, part of the rules of the competition would require that the poets publicize their poems (i.e. more comments/ views, the more the chances of being shortlisted). Therefore, the company gets to reach a wider audience who will get interested in the competition (because of the poets they know).
  5. Use the competition poems as part of the company’s marketing campaign. In the course of the competition, there will be a lot of awesome performances (and awful ones too). These awesome performances can be used by the companies to advertise their products and services as the poem’s theme will be around the company’s brand.
  6. Get a winner or winners (i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd) and shout about it, for everybody loves a winner. Thus, these poets can be made brand ambassadors of the product as they would have achieved fame/ popularity in the course of the event and thus would be a sort of role model for other aspiring poets and art lovers. As the face of the brand, they can get these aspiring poets and art lovers to become customers and users of the company’s products.
  7. Make merchandise from the poems and other materials from the competition and even after the competition. For a telecom company, the poems can become caller tunes, ring tones, and/ or tones downloadable for a token fee. For FMCG companies, they can brand their products with the event’s name etc.

The above are just a few of the ways companies can get benefits from sponsoring poetry events. There are still many other benefits that are derivable from poetry. The key is to be creative and innovative.



Olumide Holloway



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