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How can a brand be more popular than its peers?


The needs of most brands and even people is usually overshadowed by their wants.

What most brands need is more or less a positive cash flow to meet all their expenses. For most people (if not all), their needs are food, oxygen, health and shelter.

However, wants would usually always overshadow needs. And then people tend to equate their wants to items. But wants are usually intangible, they are usually feelings.

At the core of what brands and people want are: respect, reward, referral/ recommendation and respect.

So how do brands/people equate wants to items?
A big car, a big house/ office building and a fat bank account gives one a good feeling of recognition and respect.

How can brands get recognition, reward, referral and respect? Or in the words of one of my mentor, how can a brand be more popular than its peers?

2 words come to mind, but it’s 3 words that actually apply.
Controversy, conversation and engagement.
Controversy in this case does not equate to scandal.

How can a brand generate controversy, conversation and engagement all year long and become more popular than its peers?

Well, it boils down to 1 word, but we can make it 2 words for easy deciphering.
They are associate and niche.

Associate and niche?

Well, permit me to illustrate this using the thief detector dye (TDD).

The first time I came across TDD was in a novel by James Hadley Chase. The TDD was put in a gun held by an armored van guard. The guard was expected to shoot it at the face of robbers who attack the van.

The guard actually shot a robber in the face when the van was attacked. The robber’s face become bright purple and it could not be washed off. So the robber had to go into hiding to avoid detection.

Basically the way the TDD works is that once it touches the moisture of your skin it turns bright purple and can stay on your skin for weeks no matter how hard you scrub it.

Recently, I read about the TDD in a Seth Godin’s book, and he said, “drop a teaspoon of it into a swimming pool and all the water in the pool will become permanently bright purple. But if you drop it in the ocean, no one will notice.”

This basically means, don’t go to the ocean with the TDD, find a large swimming pool. Once it works, find another swimming pool and pour into it. With time, you won’t need to keep looking for swimming pools to pour in TDD. People aka customers and clients will start to do that for you for free and joyfully.

So how does TDD and swimming pools relate to associate and niche?
Well, TDD is the associate, while the swimming pool is the niche.

Basically, if a brand associates itself deeply with a defined niche, like the TDD, all people will see when they look at the niche is the brand.
Then people in that niche will become unpaid brand ambassadors who will help spread the gospel of the brand to other niche(s) that they belong to.

My people, this is how a brand can gain recognition, reward referral and respect, as well as, become more popular than its peers.
It is never about big budget spending, it is all about making a deep impression on a river (aka niche) that makes it overflow into other channels, pools, streams, rivers, houses, roads etc.

Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu, not from Zulu

Twitter @olulu4ever, Instagram @olulutheking, +2348025070892, olulu4ever@gmail.com

Cover Picture Source: https: //www.marketing91.com/develop-keep-strong-brand/

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