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How Are You?


Don’t ask me
“How Are You?”
If you really don’t care
Enough to know how I am
For “How Are You?” is a question
That seek to fulfill all righteousness
Carved on the lips of so called friends.
“I’m fine!” has become
The much anticipated reply
To each & every “How Are You?”
Anything contrary is deemed a lie.
When the battle becomes so tough
When my mind is caged by fear
Can I trust you enough
To get your listening ear
When I’m losing my mind?
When I’m ladened with a burden
too cumbersome to bear
Am I sure to find
A space to lean on your shoulders?
Will I still find in you a friend
Worthy of knowing my deep secrets
Can you stick around to the very end
Walking by me through rocky streets?
Until you truly care
Please don’t ask me
“How Are You?”
Until you’re willing to listen
Please don’t bother asking
“How are you feeling?”
How I feel should not concern you
If you aren’t truly concerned
about how I truly feel.
Until you can be trusted
with my confidential secret
Please don’t ask to be my confidant.
Until you’re truly willing to be
The bridge o’er my troubled water
Don’t bother probing into my heart
Let me drown in my mental gutter
& there stink with the stench of shame
Even if my world go crumbling apart
Leave me trapped in the ugly mire
Until from my deep emotional quagmire
A true friend comes to the rescue
And if none shows up, then let me die
Knowing that no one cared about me.
© #Poet4Christ

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