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Hope is Rising by Tomi Fasidi


Darkness covers the face of the deep

With hopelessness and despondence at its keep

Confusion, despair, pain, pandemonium all abound

Gnawing at straws, life seems devoid of sound

All hope seems lost

I cry, My Maker, why have you forsaken me, life treats me less

My heart weeps, l am in a mess

He hears from above and wipes my tears away

His light shines, it brings a bright new day

Hope is rising

A better tomorrow, His light shines bright

No more sadness, no more night

Darkness fades away, like a secret visitor, it creeps away

A new dawn, a new day, a new era, a new age, the sun shines my way

Hope is rising

Now I can be what I was born to be, what He created me to be

In Him l have my being

Made in His image and likeness

Transformed and not conformed to darkness

Hope is rising

Even now if the going gets rough

My resolve gets tough

As l take my place in life’s race, to leave my mark in the sands of time

Fulfill my destiny in these last times

For me, hope is rising





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