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High On Word…name or a statement of fact???


High On Word is the life status of Rrexclewp (pronounced as Rreckscluepee) whose birth and official name is Richard Abutu. His love for poetry dates back to when he was six. All he could do then was recite the poems taught him by his father, the poems were verses of Late General Mamman J Vatsa. He is attracted to people with positive oratory power.


He loves GOD and all his attempts to live without GOD took him to coma. Rrexclewp believes that he will make one of the world great speeches. He uses writing, music and poetry to express his thoughts, beliefs and strength. As a lyrical scientist and word addict, he wants to be heard, he wants to be read.

You can view his work at richabutu1.wordpresscom and follow him on twitter @RRexclewP.


Editor’s Note: 15851_1074572524721_5458465_n

High on Words is one of the 16 finalists to compete on stage at War Of Words 2 (Slam Poetry Competition) and the video is his #WarOfWords2 Video entry.

War Of Words 2 (Slam Poetry Competition) comes up on Sunday December 15, 2013.

Venue is The Prince of Anthony, No. 27 Oyedele Ogunniyi Street, Anthony Village, Lagos.
Time is from 3:00 pm.
Gate is Free (but do buy a WORD UP DVD at the gate and buy yourself a drink when inside).
After the competition, there will live music by Ini D Ministrel Band, Nene Soul Diva and Dapo Dina.

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