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He kept talking, she kept talking


He kept talking
She kept talking
and it started raining
I wish it was cats and dogs
but blood, spit and teeth decorated faces and clothes,
cos it rained blows and kicks.
I knew them not
but it was right in the middle of the road,
worse still,
there was a civilian trapped in this civil war,
their 3 year old daughter.
Do I separate?
Should I intervene?
I have not eaten this morning
and can’t remember when last I exercised,
would I be able to hold this beast pummeling his wife?
Other people came and the assault was halted.
The casualty included the bloody forehead of the child.
Teeth were also declared missing,
and blood rained from mouth and nose.
The man kept talking
the woman kept talking
I started walking……………………………….away.
I wonder what will happen to them tonight when there is no more separator or spectator.
I wonder if this is the first, second or last time it would happen.
I hope the next obituary in the papers won’t be hers.


King Olulu, not from Zulu

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