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Happy Mother’s Day by Osagie Alex


Not just a co-head in the family like father,
She is the one who cares for me like no other,
In season and out of season,
Constant like the weather
That’s my mother

A definition of beauty,
One who is a role model,
Standing taller than babel,
The reason I am alive to have a name

She guides me in all my ways,
Always present in good and bad days,
A skilled user of the rod and staff,
That I can never be mislead
Stands by me to the very end

If ever I want to see God in human,
I found it in her,
Helper to my father,
She is my mother

Even if there is not a day to celebrate her,
I can never forget her,
Dead or alive,
There is none like a mother,
So I join the rest of the globe,
To celebrate earth’s symbol of hope
A mother

Happy Mothers day!!!

Mother Day (children’s edition)

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