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Happy Independence Day NIGERIA!!!!


Golden years and eight here turns your age.
Bailed from the cell of the colonist’s cage.

Your birds are opened grown wings to fly
Boundlessly, far far rising from the sky.

What dare resisted thou from your blessed nature?
Who stole your keys away locking your treasure?

Your farms, your oil, your intoxicating culture
Your mines, your skills, your upcoming future?

Who derailed your foot off the memory lane?
Who explored your sugar leaving thou with cane?

Gently seated was independence on an oscillating cushion.
For you promised to replace it with a standing ovation.

Weep! weep! in hunger today thou celebrate
Profusely, have you are no stories worthy to relate.

Awake! mother Nigeria, here comes your dawn.
The moon is set, shines await your rising sun.

Your children are hungry, where lies your bread?
The sun is scorching, hoping wet is your breast!.

Arise! Fellow Nigerians, answer the hopeful call.
The recession solutions, the smiles of the future.

Shine all cutlasses, straighten thy cripple hoes.
Let’s sow our minds and plant schools in rows.

Filled is the baskets, let’s pull out the tools
return to the roots, there live our ripened fruits!.


           By: A.A. Akindeere

A.A. Akindeere is a learning, upcoming poet and article writer that hails from Ede, osun state. He’s yet to be published both in online and offline anthologies. He anticipate to be published soon and win many prizes in coming times.


I am the future of the world
I am the hope of my nation
I am tomorrow’s people
I am the hybrid generation
I am the new inspiration
I am the amateur professional
I rise and my nation and generation rises
I the Nigerian child
Insulated, pointed and sharpened for an exciting future.
I am the drawn arrow in the quiver of infinity possibilities
I am the intensity of reinforced resilience of the Nigerian nation
I am the new inspiration
Still I rise. A Nigerian worth the name.


Michael Umameh <umamehmichael@gmail.com>


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