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Shall we ask for the forgiveness
Of our scenes –
those memories of our being…

Forgiveness for the scenes
Of hail-men, summoned
Into redemption through the noose;
Whose throats are but open graves.

Forgiveness for the scenes
Of souls ceded into shadows:
Shadows of cloudy histories,
of faded names,
of forgotten deeds
Shadows of silence!

Forgiveness for the scenes
of bodies charged to dance
to the rhythm of pains, of tears
of distressed mind,
Rhythm of grief
in the song “Death by hanging”.

Forgiveness for the sins of our scenes
Committed by our unknown beings,
Forgiveness for we know not
That hangmen die too, with the
Sunset in their silence and
Pleasures in their bodies….

Father, forgive our sinful scenes
For we have seen now that
Hangmen also die, but
Not all men worth dying by hanging

(C) copyright
@ Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon (TGO)

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