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Hangmen Also Die – Part 2


This is to the men who are
Priestsinners to solace in their bodies,
Whose hearts are priestson cells 
to wallow cry
Men whose throats are pathways to paradise!

To the men who die at dawn
Burning inside out, with alien tears
wan smiles, set in the
umbra of their hidden selves.

To the men, whose souls are pits
Of forgone memories,
Whose bed of roses are nothing
But shadows of water.

To these men, whose hopes
are but loosed ropes,
whose souls await redemption,
bodies a rebirth,
spirits a resurrection,
throats a noose,
Whose voices await a paradise!

By each let this be heard
‘Every man loves what he has”
So wear a cap, take a deep breath
Think beyond your shadow
Love your life….

For hangmen also die!

(C) Copyright
@ Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon (TGO)

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