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Grow Your Poetry Business Through Social Media by Nicole Ross



Market Your Poetry Business Online With These Simple Steps

If you are interested in growing your poetry business and increasing your profits, there are three ways you must market your poetry online through social media. Three essential marketing elements for any business are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social media outlets will gain exposure for your poetry business and work to increase your brand’s overall online presence.

Taking Advantage Of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Any social media marketing effort for your poetry business that does not include Facebook will be incomplete. Facebook has expanded the ways businesses can market on their site and introduced a classified ads listing service called “Marketplace”; the “Beacon” which allows subscribers to monitor Facebook user’s activities on partner sites; and also introduced the use of polls which allow a business to conduct intro areas such as new products and customer satisfaction. Plus, you can use Facebook Ads to serve up information to customers by demographic.

Using Twitter To Gain Exposure

As a a professional poet, spoken word artist or brand, you can market inexpensively and effectively through Twitter. It is a great place to network with other businesses, followers/fans, customers, and potential customers. It is very simple and easy to get your message out there by posting a short 140 character tweet. Search engines recognize your tweets, if done properly, which increases exposure for your brand and/or product and draws in new customers.

Making Use Of LinkedIn

The popularity of LinkedIn is growing and should be one of the social media outlets you access as a professional poet, spoken word artist or brand for your online marketing strategy. LinkedIn is a site where business associates can connect and share services and contacts. It has a much more professional feel and look to it than the other social networking sites. Anyone who is serious about establishing themselves as a serious professional of their craft will use LinkedIn in their social media marketing efforts.

By making full use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you are well on your way to increasing online exposure for your poetry business and growing your customer base. If you feel overwhelmed by setting up social media campaigns, be sure to contact me. I’ll assist you every step of the way. It can be fun and easy.





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