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I mourn for me because mourning is all I feel
I mourn the souls forgone
Lost brethren denied the dawn of a new day.
I mourn for aborted children. Lights of the world shinning only in the beyond.
I mourn for the breast that never gave suckle to a child and the child that never sucked a breast
I mourn for broken homes. The Genesis of a rotten society.
I mourn for children and graduates on the streets chasing vehicles and turning to our own Usain Bolt.
I mourn for youths basking in the decadence of morality.
The ideology that everybody MUST go to school, creativity lies dead and a certificate is the only aim in our head.
I mourn for what I see on TV
Vixens displaying nude bodies like a CV.
I mourn for my sisters ,aunties, cousins, nieces…victims of domestic violence. I mourn because they agonize in silence.
I mourn for inmates in cells. Cells worse than Hell. I mourn for those innocent of crimes. Those locked up for a little fine.
I mourn for creative minds discouraged by the webbed hands of piracy.
I mourn for the Fallen Giant; Nigeria
Chained hands and feet
Master of corruption and slaves of procrastination.
I mourn because of the incessant fuel scarcity.
Half baked graduates from the substandard oven of our varsities.
I mourn because we have lost the way.

These are what I mourn for
I mourn for these and more.

But I await the day when we shall wake and say “Good Mourning”.
“Good mourning”, corruption is dead.
“Good mourning”, the Haramist n Terrorism are now history.
Won’t you say “Good mourning?!” Mourning the demise of Piracy
Nepotism Tribalism… Never to see them again even in beyond.

So I say “Good Mourning” to you
My prophecies shall one day come true.

Written by Fr33zin Paul

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