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Gamie – Shine || Spoken Word Poetry



I wrote this poem to remind myself to shine regardless of what is happening in the world. To know that there is no better time to shine than now. You might think your light is little but believe me just as a candle light illuminates and disperse darkness, in the same way your light shines. You matter and the world awaits you. So shine your light for all to see.
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Title: Shine


This little light of mine
I will let it shine
This little light of mine
I will let it soar higher into new expressions
As I reach deeper to go higher
Like the foundation of a skyscraper
I am an architect
And with my mind’s eye I see a future so bright it blinds every doubt
So loud it drowns every fear
So tall that I intimidate my limitations
I am a threat to them
They shiver in my presence
Cause I aim with precision and hit the bull’s eye
These arrows in my quiver are accounted for
I do not miss, and if I miss I consider it a gift for my failed attempts do not define me.
I live I learn I earn, and so I yearn, everyday for more until my thirst is satisfied because I hear greatness calling.
I know her voice all too well; She excites me, She and I, we both share a chemistry so rare, intense like a love affair but we are sincere with one another for we are one and the same.
I am synonymous to greatness she’s my identity.
Take a look in the mirror and tell me;
Who do you see?
Looks familiar?
That’s right!
Greatness staring back at You and Me

Written and performed by GAMiE Olumide Okesanjo
Official website – itsgamie.com

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