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Game of Trolls


Rodents of Westeros
Rodents of Westeros invade
Aso rock presidential villa
A song of lice and lies
King Buhari of the house of Stark took refuge
In Winterfell, central London infirmary,
Recovering from the poison of unamed ghost
The wild child of the rainforest
The wildlings of the harmattan
Are Barking expulsion across the Niger,
From the cursed parchments.
The October vexations still labours.

Then Femi Adesina, the hand of the king,
Arose with the voice of seven thunders,
To announce the arrival of Buhari Stark.
10,000 maniacs of the seven kingdoms
Flooded the street with songs and thongs
Oyoyoyo, Oyoyoyo, Oyoyoyo the ululate.
Tired and tested from the holy pandemonium.

Gov. Yahaya Bello of riverrun
Ordained a feast of idleness.
While the wives of women
And the husbands of men
Were at war with shadows.

The rodents of Westeros
Invaded the Aso rock presidential villa.
Now Jon Snow of Julius Berger
Knows, Winter is coming
And the Night’s watch waits.

Will Buhari stark, take the iron throne?
Hear the song of ice and fire
Sing a song of mice and rats,
As the rodents take the iron throne.
It’s all a Game of trolls.



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