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Free ticket to WORD UP Volume 7 and a N2,000 recharge card up for grabs.


What do you know about love?

How much of love can you write?

Would you like to win a free ticket to WORD UP Volume 7 and a N2,000 recharge card on a weekly basis, for the next 3 weeks?

If yes, then write a short poem using the theme “let’s talk about love.”

The poem should be a maximum of 12 lines and posted as a comment under this post.

The poem with the most replies /comments before 12 midnight of January 24, 2014 wins a free ticket to WORD UP Volume 7 and a N2,000 recharge card .

Are you ready?

Then make words come alive and get a free ticket and a N2,000 recharge card in the process.

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WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event in Nigeria and it holds quarterly.

For this first quarter of 2014, which is the love season, we present

WORD UP Volume 7

with the theme, Let’s talk about LOVE.

We will feature some of the top Spoken Word Poets in Nigeria live on stage, with interlude of Soul Music.

It will be an evening of pure poetic delight in words and sound.

Venue is Rodizzio Hall,  29 Isaac Jones Street, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja Lagos.

Date is Saturday February 15, 2014

Red Carpet is from 2pm and Main event starts 3pm prompt

Gate Fee:

VIP 5k, Regular 1k, and Students with valid ID Card N500

Watch out for more details.


  1. The very breath of you
    Suffuses my tender soul
    Like the morning dew upon the red hibiscus
    I live in the very scent of you

    In your brown eyes
    I find the very end of eternity
    I lose my entity
    Never to be found

    Let us tell the world
    Of the insanity of our smoking passion
    Let us yarn them
    Of the audacity of our affection

    Let us talk about our love

  2. Final draft please Editor.. Thanks 🙂

    This very breath of you
    Suffuses my soul
    Like the dew upon the red hibiscus
    I live daily in the very scent of you

    In your brown eyes
    I discover the very end of eternity
    I wonder, to wander away and lose my entity
    Never again to be found

    My Darling, let us tell the world
    Of the insanity of our smoking passion
    Let us yarn them
    About the audacity of our affection

    Oya lets talk, Ehn Yes let’s talk about our love

  3. Love’s Peak

    From this web of lives
    Weave an umbilical cord
    If our worlds collide
    We drink from love’s gourd

    Each kiss, lightening’s handwriting
    On hair’ on neck’ on mountains’ peak
    Quakes of passionate trusting
    In silence your moans speak

    I’ve known your eyes to be my stars
    as we drink,
    an’ talk ’bout love
    In that night clouded bar

  4. Let’s talk about love
    Not the flowery flattery
    Feeling you get
    When you think of a certain one
    Let’s talk about a love that never dies,the shoulder always there to lean on
    A presence always felt,let’s talk about the love I feel for you,
    Let’s talk about a mothers love
    TEMISAN Susan Dudu©2014

  5. Come lets talk about love

    Its the greatest of all
    And its letters are four
    Known by many but
    Experienced by few

    It is found written on shirts
    It can be seen in the eyes
    Some think its under the skirt
    And so they tell ladies lies

    Its an enigma to you
    Its a revelation to me
    So i invite you to me world
    Come lets talk about love

  6. Let’s Talk About Love

    Come! Let’s talk about love
    in a unique and renewed manner
    The whiteness in the likeness of a dove
    embedded in the crimson heart of love.

    Come! Let’s talk about love
    and have our soul tickled
    by the tender finger of love
    a tale that lingers on.

    Come! Let’s talk about love
    we ponder to cater for the needs of humanity
    Priceless treasure to be cherished by posterity
    Love is what gives meaning to life.

    • You are working your colors as a talented painter would do his/hers: the stark contrast of the crimson redness of the heart against the backlash of the whiteness of a dove. Through your color symbolism, though, you do offer a far more in-depth treatment of what you conceive to be love in this poem: it rips apart the heart from where it is “embedded”, a heart that was bleeding, ready to submit to love. Then, though, with your second stanza, you introduce a twist – lightheartedness, I would call a flirtatious initiative for the beloved; teasing her/him with ‘tickled souls’ and ‘lingering fingers telling a tale’ only you two would know – yet you are sharing that secrecy with your readers in a very intimate way, pulling them to your private sphere – maybe your joy of this love is too intense to only keep it to yourself and your beloved even…let us wonder about that. Love is unending. Why should one story of it have any ending? (Notice: I left out the last stanza. That is only due to my fear of misunderstanding your intent there, as you move yet again into another direction, guiding your readers onto a different path. But I suspect I don’t have it quite settled yet in my mind. No comment is out of respect, in other words, out of my respect for your creation.)

  7. It’s a pity I don’t know how 2 write a love song/poem, but I truly have a special gift for singing and relating with love songs/poems. U are such one gift who knows how to do this very well. Brilliant! I love dis poem and ur powerful use of imagery and the colorful way with which u strewn ur emotions into words. I love the line ”Darling, let’s tell the world…the insanity of our smoking passion…” I had tried in vain 2 post my comment in d word up website but all d same, I wish u d best of luck Queen!


    On the soil of my heart,
    The seed of your love shall germinate.
    Nothing shall pull us apart.
    Heaven itself approves of my being your mate.

    In the river of my mind,
    Your thought shall take its swim.
    As for two birds of the same kind,
    Togetherness shall cease being a dream.

    In the space of my soul,
    Your being shall take its breath.
    Without you, I am less than whole.
    Death alone can separate us on earth.

  9. The winner of our Free ticket to WORD UP Volume 7 and a N2,000 recharge card is Aquila with 20 valid comments (some people commented more than once which was counted invalid). Temisan came 2nd with 15 Valid comments.
    Thank you for participating.

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