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For anyone feeling lost in life | spoken word poetry



When I was fourteen,
I was too scared to dream
I was a working class kid with immigrant parents and figured,
those kind of opportunities aren’t afforded to people like me

So i chose a path that was safe
And it took 12 years of lying to myself and graduating with a degree to realise I had made a really big mistake
This isn’t what I wanted, this isn’t who I wanted to be
And it was really hard to admit that after all the hard work this didn’t feel right to me
And let me tell you abandoning everything that you know and worked so hard for, is scary.

But it did prove to me that no matter how hard you try, you can’t fight who you are
Sure you can play by the rules of society and do as you’re told but it will only get you so far
At some point you’re gonna have to be honest with yourself and when that day comes
you find yourself back at the start.

I went from having a five year plan
To feeling like a failure
But I knew if I wanted to live a life I wanted, there was no time for self pity,
I needed to be my own saviour

It’s not easy to rebuild and figure yourself out
Especially when you’re filled with guilt, shame and self doubt
But it took hitting rock bottom to feel free
Cause when you take away all expectations you finally get to be who you want to be

You can’t help who you are, what you like or dislike
Society may have a path for you and sometimes that path may not feel right

At some point, you have got to decide
Between living a life set out for you and one that you choose
And it’s a hard decision to make but there’s this huge freedom and happiness that comes when you do
I know it sounds super lame and cheesy, but it’s true
Real happiness comes from, you being you
It sounds so simple right? but for some reason it’s like the hardest thing to do.

I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life
How or why I’m on this stage?
But for anyone who needs to hear it,
I know it doesn’t feel like it right now but, you do have the power to bring change.

Taking a chance is a risk
You don’t know how it’s going to go
But if you’re never honest with yourself and never push yourself forward
How are you ever going to grow?

Sometimes life can feel too much and you lack self love
It feels like you’re being pushed to a corner and forced to give up
But, when you feel defeated and helpless that’s when you need to rise above.
Truth is you are and have always been, enough

The answer doesn’t come from anywhere else, it comes from you,
So I’m going to ask you a question.
Between hiding and being your true self,
Which one do you choose?

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