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Fight to win…!!!

Right Punch, left punch, mae geri,
Right punch, left punch, Mawashi Geri
right hook, left hook, swing back with the uraken,
Yoko Geri,
another Yoko Geri
now mae geri and Axe kick.
Sweat pours,
body weak,
vision blurred,
but over and over again I do the combos.
I can’t afford to lose this fight.
Mixed_Martial_Arts 2
I block with my shin,
I parry the roundhouse kick,
I side step,
Mawashi Geri…..
I miss, I spin round.
I end up on the canvas.
Felt like a trailer had hit me in the solar plexus.
I can’t lose this fight.
I get up,
another trailer hit I believe,
cos I’m down on the canvas again,
my jaw hurts and neck feels longer from the impact of the upper cut.
My shoulders hurt,
my legs are shaking,
seems both shin are broken
and my ribs hurt with each breath.
I must get up,
I have got to get up.
My mind is up,
my body is still on the canvas.
This fight I can’t lose,
This fight I must fight,
and I fight to win………



Olulu (the King not from Zulu)

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