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Fare Thee Well, My Dear Mother!



Starring at the casket

Drawing closer to fix my eyes on the mortal remains

My body is broken down, my soul is weary, my spirit is crushed

No.! This can’t be happening to me

A thousand questions are running through my head

Does God not reveal to redeem?


She is smiling

I’m speaking to her through my tears

Maa! Maa! Maa!

Her lips are lit with smiles but there is no sound

She looks so much at peace and ease

I can’t deal with this

I can’t let go Mama

Maa! Maa! Maa!


Oh Death, you have cheated me

Oh grave not my Maa!

Maa wake up! Wake up!

It’s a bad dream


Coroner was she dead when you split her open?

Coroner did her pause tick?

Was there a slightest chance of her living?

Coroner what did you find?

Was she still breathing slowly?

Was she still smiling?

Did she make a sound or did her fingers or toes move during the incision to split her open?


Coroner how fresh was the blood that oozed out of her?

Coroner tell me something, I need some hope here!

Everyone is crying but I’m not just crying…

I’m wailing from the deepest corner of my soul

God will I ever get through this?

God will I ever smile again?


A thousand times I thought there will be several chances

A thousand times I took the moments we had together for granted

It’s time to close the casket, I can’t. My fingers are shaking

The Royal Swords are being brought closer to the casket


It is gently been placed at her feet

My spirit is filled with anguish

I’m been consoled but I’m inconsolable

I’ve starred at the mortal remains for hours but it doesn’t move or make a sound


The Royal home is tearing apart the cloth

A piece is being fixed to my wrist

My eyes are fixed to the casket.


No! Maybe this is not Maa!

Give me one more chance

Let me examine this body I’ve known since birth

Maa is this you? Or have you been exchanged?

I want Maa back!


The family elders are gathering around the casket

I am watching them as they pour fragrance at her feet

The casket is about to be closed permanently.

Pain Is Real, But So Is Hope!



Maa! Please don’t leave me here. I need you alive!

Maa! Maa! Maa!

It is well. Pain Is Real, But So Is Hope!


Nafisa Quainoo

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