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I behold by dawn
The golden sun-rise
It reminded me of the
Bon-fire in your eyes
The glow
The glitter
I marvel
I shiver
It’s beauty stuns me,
I’m caused to wonder
It’s comeliness gives me fever
I’m compelled to adore
Edumare your maker
So I humbly bow
In (fear) awe of your fearsome
As I lay prostrate submissively
At his alter
Praises I begin to mutter
Songs my mouth begins to mutter
I’m caught in your spell,
I’m drowning in this well,
This magic non can tell,
Like adam in eden
For thee I have fallen,
I must confess,I know not when I fell.
I’d rather be a traitor
Than to loose thee
As my lover.
I’m no star actor,
So I can do no stunts
Nor wonders,
I cannot promise you
A trip out of space
But I can guarantee you
In my heart a permanent place
Guilty my lord!!!
Guilty I plead in this case
Guilty I am and would rather be,
If it means having you solely for me
For I have fallen madly in love
With you.


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