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Erased Colours


Mother told me
Life is beautiful
But she forgot to add
That there are shades to its color

Mother told me
To be careful
Not to walk alone
But she never mentioned
Not to sleep at home

Mother told me
My beauty is in and out
But she never told me
How to hide its face

Mother warned me
Not to spread my legs
But she never told me
Of the ones
who spread it forcefully

Mother told me
Of my hymen
And how it is broken
On wedding nights
on special beds
But she never mentioned predators
Who take the pride
Without paying the price

Mother is thirsty
Thirsty for blood

They tore my clothes
And shredded my pants
They closed my eyes
And sealed my lips

He broke my hymen in haste
And spilled my redness
On mother’s bed
Before they took their turns

Mother watched
With cold steel to her head
Hands tied
And mouth gagged

She told me
Life is beautiful
She must have forgotten
About these ones
That erase its colors


MissyBlissy Bliss Oyindhamolher Akinyemi

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