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Ekot mi Nikkita – I will try to win #WarOfWords5 using my experience as a SLAMbassador UK.

My name is Nikkita. I go by [ekot mi] Nikkita. Which is Efik for [“they call me”] Nikkita.
I am an avid reader as well as a writer of all sorts: books, poems, short stories, music lyrics, raps, etc. I am involved both in spoken word and written poetry. In 2010, I received a commendation by the Poetry Society SLAMbassadors UK, which is an amazing spoken word event held every year. It was my first ever attempt and since then I have been hooked! And in the recent years, I have been featured in two different poetry anthologies. I also actively post poems and other forms of writing on different media outlets.
My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ekotminikkita

Entry poem for War Of Words Season 5
Change is
When NEPA brings light that they will not take
When the news stops causing headaches
When the government will do more than say
When the government owes money and pays,
Yes, change is today
When busy bodies mind their own business
When husbands have wives minus a mistress
When people learn the meaning of forgiveness
When every day go be like say na Christmas.
Change is
When Boko haram becomes pro feminist
When employers stop being sexist                        
When the disabled receive benefits
Yes, a change does exist
When you meet an official who will not be bribed
When police see money and close their eyes
When your elder says ‘I am wrong and you are right’
Yes, change is here
Make una sleep well for night.
Change is
When we stop doing I too know                          
When we stop boasting cause all na show
When we make stronger and better roads
When we make gutters so water flows
When we don hear say “chaie there is god o!”
Yes, change is
When tribes cease to discriminate
When we return to fix things we hate
When we turn crooked people straight
When we argue, challenge and debate
All the things for which Nigeria is shamed.
If change is when
A writer carries a pen                           
And finds it mightier than the sword
So they write a message in spoken word
Hoping to pull Nigerians forward
Then yes,
Yes, now change has come.

Watch entry video for War Of Words Season 5 at
Ekot 2

You are invited to the final of War Of Words Season 5 #WarOfWords5
Date is Sunday August 16, 2015
Time is from 2pm (No African Time)
Venue: Ayo Bankole Center No. 32 Yesufu Sanusi Street off Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria(from Shitta Roundabout, Yesufu Sanusi Street is 2nd street on the left off Adeniran Ogunsanya Street. You can also enter from Bassie Ogamba Street and first street by the left is Yesufu Sanusi Street).Gate Fee: Be a registered member of www.warofwordsng.com and buy drinks for yourself and friends at the venue.

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