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EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE by Afolabi Olaide aka Poetstreet



Whenever we hear about the Ebola virus disease

Our fears increase

Some even go down on their knees

Asking God “what manner of tragedy is this?


My neighbor, Aunty Gladys

A medical expert at the Federal institute of research on disease

Told me there’s no known cure yet for Ebola

Urged me to ignore the rumors on bitter Kola


That it was imported into Nigeria by a Liberian

So it began to spread among Nigerians

Then she warned me to be cautious

Because it’s extremely contagious


Then I stopped hand-shakes & hugs

Started chopping knuckles like thugs

Suddenly, we see many advertisers

Marketing different kinds of sanitizers


And some even wear hand gloves

Before they can care for those they love

When my fiancée heard she could be infected through kissing

For 2 months she went missing


She was sending me flowers & love messages

Expensive wrist-watch, perfume, pizza & sausages

She didn’t want to be quarantined

With all the goodies I bought for her on Valentine!!


Not her fault, even pastors stopped anointing

Having the blood of Jesus & Holy Ghost fire for nothing

All we need is to be careful

And not to be fearful

Embrace the basics of hygiene

And the unwanted virus will never find its way into our genes


…be Ebola conscious!


by Poetstreet (Afolabi Olaide)



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