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A dream deferred leads to the heart sickness

Of a generation of people

They presented the cheque for their 40 acres

And a mule

The cheque was made of rubber

And it bounced sky high

Like a doped up dude

Ralph Ellison saw this and wrote, Invisible Man

Richard Wright was the Native Son, The Outsider and TheBlack Boy

James Baldwin spoke about the Fire next time and Take ten

Langston Hughes wrote the poem

What happens to a Dream Deferred?

He wrote Dreams, the poem

He asked us to hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die life is a broken winged bird

That cannot fly

Life is a barren field frozen with snow

And so what do we know-

That dreams deferred make the heart sick

Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heart broken

But a sudden good break can turn life around.

Before all these there was Joseph the dreamer

Then Mahalia exhorting Martin to tell about the dream

To tell the dream and the rest is story!

Dreams come true

Without that possibility

Nature would neither incite nor excite us with them

Someone said that.

Like the boy who dreamt Dreams from his Father

And wrote about the Audacity of Hope

Though he was not from Hope, Arkansas

Like the other one

They both got to the mountaintop

And got to the Promised Land

The King did not get there

He saw it, he yearned for it

But an assassin’s bullet to the jaw ended his own

Particular dream right there on the top floor

But the dream- like cadences of his words

Carry through and have seen his people

Some distant way

Though not the Black Tulsans of 1920

They were before his time

He spoke about them only as a nightmare on Beale Street

Taking us back to dreams realized.



Culled from http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2016/08/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html


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