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Growing up as a boy,
My mother would ask,
Son, what is your dream?
After a long pause,
It dawned on me like a lady that have passed menopause

MLK jnr had a dream,
Today Obama lives that dream,
Mark Zuckerberg had a dream,
Today we all have our face on a book,
Steve didn’t have a job, but had a dream,
Today even with Tim Cook as head, we all enjoy apple,
Richard was Brad’s son,
Today he his virgin is over the Atlantic,
Gates walked out Harvard’s gate, not a graduate,
Today’s his life so soft, people call him Microsoft
Osagie Alex, got words they call him poet,
Respect to Sage, he set the stage
Olulu today takes the Word Up, now it’s a War Of Words

We all have dreams,
So beautiful radiant and inspiring,
It could be sung as hymns,
But for any dream to become real,
Of necessity it must be tied to him,
The giver of dreams

Cause if you must hold on to the dream,
Just like Joseph, never let go of Him
Cause only Him can make your dream come real
We are such things that dreams are made of,
So chase your dream without any fear
Yes it’s a new year,
But it’s just a date in the calendar,
Without work and discipline,
It may change nothing on your agenda,
So remember,
The new year has nothing in itself,
To make anything become new,
If things are to become new and dreams become real,
Its entirely up to you

So get your acts together,
Work on achieving your dream,
No dream ever come alive while sleeping,
So wake up,
Stop dreaming it, Start living it
Genesis eleven verse six.

Like my brother Suli will say with no breaks
If any man truly wishes to achieve his dream,
Not even reality can stand in his way,
Wake up, get to work,
Stop Dreaming it, Start Living it,
Reality is much better,
Than fantasy land.

Brother and sister,

It is good to have desire,

But paying the price,

Determines the prize,

And done rightly you won’t pay it twice,

Stop dreaming it, Start living it


I’m chasing mine,

What are you doing with your time?


Osagie Alex


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