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Do you have a product that tells a story?


Do you have a product that tells a story?

Seth Godin (a world renowned brand expert) said that based on current realities, success in branding, marketing and selling rest on two key factors:

  1. Create a remarkable product.
  2. Tell stories about the product.


What is your story?

First bank’s story is based on its history i.e. since 1894.

GT Bank’s story is fashion and (more recently), Food fair and broadly, innovation.

Wema bank is striving towards technology, based on the first fully digital bank, ALAT.

Diamond Bank and Access Bank is also tending towards technology

Nigerian Breweries, Hennessey, Pepsi, Coca Cola, MTN and Airtel is Music.

GLO is striving towards comedy.

Heineken and Nissan is football.

UBA and Access bank have online TVs.

During the recent Headies award event, Pepsis and MTN acclaimed themselves as winners by pointing to the awards won by the music stars they support.

Image result for headies 2018

What is your emotional attachment?

The stories the above mentioned brands tell is based around the niche /kind of events they support.

These stories create emotional attachment between them and the participants/ fans/ people who operate in that niche.


It is all about Niche marketing:

Branding, Marketing and sales is now all about niche marketing.

A product for everybody is a product for nobody.

You need to target a niche and overwhelm the niche causing it to overflow into other niches.


You need Brand ambassadors:

Every brand need brand ambassadors, who will tell the story of the brand.

However, the best brand ambassadors are the “unpaid” brand ambassadors.

They sell your brand without expecting you to pay them.

Image result for Olajumoke Orisaguna the brand ambassador of PayPorte and Stanbic IBTC.

The importance of Social media:

Brands can’t ignore social media, daily we have new social media stars.

Social media provides instant feedback.

A recent article on Marketing Edge website stated that by the year 2025, the current youth population (i.e. the millennials) will make up 75% of the global workforce.

As their population grows, so does their influence.

The millennials are active on social media, spending over 6 hours weekly on social media.

Social media platforms are considered the bank of the future, and for a brand to stay relevant in the future, it must take social media seriously.

But to take social media seriously is more than just talking about your brand, day in, day out.

Agreed that being on social media is easy, just sign up.

The key thing is how do you stay relevant on social media.

What would you be saying?

How would you be saying?

And to whom?

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But why poetry? Specifically spoken word poetry.

Poetry is in everything we do, from music, to copy writing, to comedy to public speaking/ speech writing etc.

But it is now being recognized as a stand-alone art form.

And it is the faster way to get attention, appreciation and admiration, as well as, make a huge dent in the social sphere, and the world as a whole.

It is a NUDB – Never Been Done Before.

So why our events?

Our event will provide you with:

  1. Content
  2. Interaction
  3. Engagement

As regards content, you will be getting:

  1. Over 1,000 video clips of performances, interviews and memes – online and offline
  2. Over 5,000 photos online.
  3. The content will last over 6 months to 12 months.

Our events will give you three levels of engagement and interaction, which will:

  1. Entertain
  2. Educate
  3. Elevate.

Thus, as a brand you can consistently interact and engage with new customers and fans of the art form on these three levels.

What can be done about the cost?

It is not a cost to you, it is not an expense.

It is an investment, which will bring in yield in terms of:

  1. Increased brand equity.
  2. Customer base
  3. Revenue generation

Thus it is an investable sum.

How are we so sure of these:

You will be helping people achieve their dreams, and thereby creating an emotional bond to your brand, and it is generally believed that people buy based more on emotions than logic.

The poets will get recognition and reward for their art form.

The brand get all the accolades for granting the poets the exposure and assurance of positive impact on the bottom line.



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