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Dis lines no calm at all…!!!


Dis lines no calm at all
Cos my mind dey voke,
Invoking wailings of unheard cries buried.
and my blurry eyes dey scary to even look at.
My dairies and memories of swallowed grudges,
grudges of pains and stains of blood on sheets.
No mistake am for virginity but in-sanitized mutilation,
frustration and humiliation wey dem take hammer,
dem wey ‘we’ call ‘men.’
Cos true talk na women nuture ‘we’ ‘men’
So dem no be prey,
abeg shun violence.

You wey say sound of her cry,
Dey make you high,
When your conji high,
Na her thigh you rely on.
Lie for same bed lie give her say na,
Culture palle pickin secret,
you no need fly to call you winch (witch).
Palle like you na your daughter,
you dey burst so,
She no be prey,
abeg shun violence.

How much be sorry for market,
Or the cost of care for Ariaria?
How much be smiles for your face?
Or the cost of affection for your heart?
How much eee even cost for your to pay attention to this?
We call men to true talk,
women no be prey
My people,
abeg shun violence


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