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Defining Love by Grace Hayes



When people ask him if they are loved
He laughs at the biggest understatement of a word there is
Of a feeling there is, of a state of being
A word that is His name, as a noun, yet still doesn’t define
Our mortal vernacular doesn’t even begin to capture a glimpse
Of the spectacular love in it’s innocence,
In it’s greatest sense
That even the greatest offense, in our eyes, loses it’s pertinence
In his eyes, in the scope that
His eternal vision, is fusion vs fission
So that every sin is forgiven, forgotten
As far as the east is from the west
This so called love has held the test
Of time, of place, every walk, every race
He says yes, it’s true, I’m head over heels and heels over head
I am the love that bleeds out, and the love that has bled
The same yesterday, today and forever, for better and for worse you have my heart.
In sickness and in health, because of the cross it’s no longer ’til death do us part
No, love is not the right word, it does not depict
The depth behind sending your son to this earth, only to be convicted
and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, of a description he did not fit
and why?
Because of a cell that was split
In the womb, he had knit a soul meant for him, your life on the head of a pin
but soon we grow to be young women and men
And in this lost world, we play pretend
Yes, RPG our own God, have tea parties with sin
So if I’m in control, why am I hurting myself again?
So if I’m in control, how come I can’t, for the life of me, bring this tunnel to an end?
So if I’m in control, how come I feel as if my fate is sealed, and by a hand I don’t know, signed in pen?
…But if you ask for Jesus’ hand, he’ll lend
From the shorn wool of your turmoil, he will spin
A beautiful garment, so priceless yet free
Yes, he’ll cut dimension right into psalm 100:3
This love in quotations, reaches the heights of all creation
As well as the depths, he has paid our debts, he has paved our way and he is our god, our guide
Man will always search for heart fodder to burn
But rarely will he search for his heart’s Father to learn
What it means
To be loved.
So if you’re wondering right now, if you’re loved
Put all doubt behind
For He is the Father you can finally call, “mine”.


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