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Darkness can be very dark


Darkness can be very dark
So safer to stay on well walked lanes
But who says safety was less risky?
Thus, rather a pathfinder than a roadrunner
For deep calls unto deep
Offering a hope and a future
And it is insanity not to answer.
For to stay still is to perish.
So daily I woo knowledge
And dig up information.
I have been to schools seeking the principal
But found not the principal.
For there is no school or university of wisdom,
Yet wisdom is the principal I seek.
So daily I seek out the wise ones
Gleaning from the crumbs off their table.


Darkness can be very dark
But within me is a flicker
The more I touch other wicks
The more the flicker flames
So I am bringing it before all men
Maybe not all,
But as many as possible
So I can light up their path
As their deep calls unto them
And together
We can hail He who laid the foundation of the earth.
And hail Him we must, till our tenancy on earth expires.
For this we live,
For this we die,
Any other will aside His will, is vanity.

Olumide Holloway
aka Oba Olulu, ti o fe vacation ni Honolulu

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