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Death drifted stealthily, below the waters
Rearing its head now and then.
Minions in every globule seep through the earth
Smothering all life in a suffocating embrace.
This dark gold that is our poison.

Twas by our greed that death came to us.
We awakened the dragon in the belly of the earth.
We bit his tail, but he spewed not fire
Even worse this murky, black water.
We let it run wild

It cloaked the sea from the light of the Sun
It drowned the fishes and crashed the birds
Into leaves and veins it crept, lurking
Dealing in its wake a final death blow
To prey and predator alike, sparing none

Yet we built for it a monument
A high tower as chimney
There we dedicated a bonfire
That burned to no end a sinister red flame
Looming over us like the Eye of Sauron

Vapour punctured earth’s shield till it frayed.
Metamorphosing into drops, formed a deluge
That drenched us in a barrage of acid
Thus becoming one with the waters
To be drunk again as diluted smoke

Earth shivers in raging fever
And It will rage, as it did once in Kuwait
That out of the ashes a Phoenix may rise
And with it, sisters Flora and Fauna
To breath on earth a new sigh

When a tree, sprung from today’s udala seed
Delights a child with its very last fruit
Amidst a sea of flowers unending
These dark waters will cease to be
And like Noah’s ark, shall become history


Source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2015/10/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html

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