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Converse / Converge Open Mic Session


OPPORTUNITY: As part of our event Converse / Converge, a 24 hour livestream event happening 6th June, we’re inviting up to 45 poets to take part in an open-mic session that stretches all the way around the world.


15 poets will be able to take part in each of the 3 open mic hours allocated during the event – 7pm 6th June, 3am and 11am 7th June (All times are UK – GMT+1)


The open mic session will be taking place inside Google Hangouts – so all participating poets will need access to a webcam, a Google account (which you have if you have Gmail or YouTube), and access to the internet.


There will be a virtual MC overseeing each hour. Each poet will be able to perform one 3/4 minute poem during the hangout.


These slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be a cap of 5 poets participating from each country in each of the sessions.


If you would like to book a slot, please email pangaeapoetry@gmail.com with “Converse / Converge Open Mic” in the subject title, and include your name and which country you will be participating from.
Please make sure you follow us at pangaeapoetry.tumblr.com for further announcements

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