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Converse / Converge: 24hrs Global Spoken Word Event


This is a 24 hour livestream event – part conference, part performance – celebrating spoken word, poetry and literature organisations/artists from around the world


i2X Media Nigeria Limited (organiser of WORD UP and War Of Words Poetry eventswill be joining a vibrant and diverse cohort of organisations and artists from around the world for the Converse / Converge event happening on June 6th, 2015.

Pioneered by Pangaea Poetry, Converse / Converge is a 24-hour live stream, powered through Google Hangouts and YouTube, in which different organisations and individuals from around the world showcase the work that they produce.


We’re inviting the world to share the same back yard. We’re bringing together poetry organisations, spoken word nights and digital literary agencies into the same place to try and capture a snapshot of what the world of spoken word looks like in 2015. This is an attempt to try and unify the wonderfully eclectic and diverse voices representing spoken word around the world, understand where it might be going, and how we can help each other.



Carl Sealeaf, Creative Producer

M: +447445747524 E: panageapoetry@gmail.com (Heading: Converse/Converge)

Full project details available at: http://www.pangaeapoetry.com/map


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