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COMMON GROUND CONCERT… A music and Spokenword Experience


What could Spokenword and Soul Music have in common?

You can ask REZthaPoet and Isaac Geralds, or you could just wait and hope you get invited to their ‘invite-only’ concert, Common Ground; or maybe hope you are lucky with your RSVP.

Happening on Friday the 16th of December 2016 at Liquid Hub, Ikoyi, Lagos, Common Ground is a celebration of the connecting power of words, be it lyrics to a song or when recited by a poet in a spoken word performance. It’s also the soft release of the collaborative EP Common Ground by REZ and Isaac. The timing couldn’t be better, at a time in which poetry/spoken word is finally being recognized in the country, with the hugely-successful Lagos International Poetry Festival prominent in the media and recording an unprecedented attendance all through the week-long event. And while Isaac Geralds is yet to release a full-length album, his shows The Isaac Geralds Experience I and II were full-house shows, the song-star singlehandedly filling the famous Hard Rock Café the second time around.

Fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed debut Spokenword album EXPOSIT, REZ is back in town after a successful tour run across 6 cities in Europe and Africa culminating in an explosive performance in CAPE TOWN, South Africa. Back home to organize a release party for EXPOSIT, REZ reconnected with Isaac – and the rest, as they say, is history.

0i5b3595REZ – “My relationship with Isaac dates back by some years, we have collaborated previously in freestyle performances of Poetry and Soul music in the past at Taruwa and Freedomhall in Lagos. The creative chemistry has been waxing stronger such that we have had some joint collaborations on some unreleased works (mine and his). Isaac is an enigmatic singer and a profound performer who is well known for his abilities. An outright collaboration was always inevitable based on the confluence of our artistry and the unique offerings that gets created. We figured there is no better time than now.”


isaac-geraldsISAAC – “Chemistry is something that I appreciate. In my opinion, chemistry is that leverage that births greatness. REZ’s Spokenword Poetry is not pretentious and it’s original in his delivery with a beautiful balance in its use and mix of language. Having worked with him both in the studio and on stage, it was only a matter of time before we got to this point. The messaging in our creative materials both evolve around positivity and probing the less charted paths of human emotions and experience. We are both very experimental in our approach to making art, hence this collaboration”

When asked why the EP is called Common Ground, Isaac enthused; “It’s because we are two giants from two different art forms coming together to create something that, while unlike anything we’ve created before, is still business as usual – but on a higher level. So while we’re basically different in terms of approach and expression, there are similarities. Common Ground is a celebration of said similarities.”

The Common Ground Concert is a show premised on celebrating like-sounds and words. It offers a joint set that will cover performances of individual materials of each artiste, medley of their works mashed together as well as tracks from the forthcoming Joint EP – Common Ground. For the concert, the duo will be backed by a live band and other artists/collaborators, and it promises to be a night of lyrics – be it spoken word or soul music.

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May we all find our Common Ground with people/things that matter!


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