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ChidinmaR – If Nigeria was a Book #Warofwords7 #WOWNaija


Arise o compatriots let’s drink from the anthology of our existence
Written down in pages of papers
Torn patches glued together as a country call it 1960
The right to be free and spread our wings like the eagle

We signed with unequal fingers for transparency
Yet we have the majority and minority groups unequally yoked
Our old adage is always on repeat after a four year tenure
Renewal of service
We say it’s election

The land is green but
Those at the grassroots know it’s not easy
We dig to the other side
Searching for gold
The cold sends us back home
To lay low key
Leadership is of the leaders, by the leaders and for the leaders we say it’s democracy

This country is an anthology of the stories of the poor tasting bitter on the tips of their tongues
As they cuddle their sons in the survival songs and sings it to ears of their daughters too
Still we call them lazy

The powerful performs miracles, signs and wonders of millionaire serpents
Melodrama sculptured to reality
We know it’s film trick
We can see through the tears in our eyes
We need deliverance from this mountain with fire

This is a land of milk and honey
So many are milked and only few get the honey
Only few gets the money
We become comedians creating our own happiness
Suffering and smiling
Real tragi-comedy

If Nigeria was a book
I’ll erase the tragedy and flip a new page
For a new history

Chidinma Osigwe (ChidinmaR)

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