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CHAPTER FOUR: Smoking Guns and Bleeding Streets by Olumide Holloway



At the Force Headquarters

“How could you guys have fumbled such a simple assignment?” asked their boss angrily.

“Sorry sir,” the guy and the lady chorused.

“Don’t fucking sorry me,” he shouted.

“Ok sir.”

“What the fuck happened?”

“We got to the place around 9pm and waited in the compound for a neighbour or someone to come back so he or she can lead us to his apartment. This was to allow us access his apartment without fuss or struggle,” said Samuel.

“Ok, go on.”

The lady, Patricia, continued, “A neighbour came in and at gun point led us to the apartment of the guy we were after. The guy opened the door when he heard the voice of the neighbour. We immediately pushed the neighbour in and rushed in as well.”

“I’m listening,” said their boss.

“We got his iphone and mac notebook. But the guy tried to grab Patricia’s gun and her mask removed in the scuffle. So we shot him and the neighbour,” Samuel said.


“But we left the baby untouched,” Patricia added.

Their boss frowned and said, “baby?”

“Yes sir. A toddler actually.

“No wife?”

“There was no one else in the apartment. We checked it twice before we left.”

“Ok. So how did you lose the items?” asked their boss.

“We were coming from Ire Akari Estate in Isolo, and there was heavy traffic on the way to Oshodi, probably because 3rd mainland bridge was closed for repairs. So we decided to drive through Mushin and come out at Ojuelegba en-route Lagos Island.”


“We were negotiating a bad portion of the road when the rear windshield was shattered by a large stone. And then almost immediately, a 2nd stone shattered the windshield. With glass flying everywhere, we were disoriented and before we could get our guns out, the boy attacked us. They must have been 10 to 15 of them. They took everything in the car and on us. Even our guns.”

“Hmm, you guys fucked up.”

“Sorry sir.”

“How did you get a phone to call me at that time?” he asked them.

Patricia replied, “I use two phones. I always hide one under the seat when I am in the car.”

“You should also have had two guns, don’t you think so?”

“Sorry sir,” they chorused.

“Ok, go home. Clean yourself up, and come back to the office.”

When they left his office, their boss picked up the phone on his table and said, “did you get all that sir?”

“Yes, I did,” said the Bank Chairman.

“Do you want us to storm Mushin?”

“No, I have someone handling that.”

“You sure sir?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I will let you know if I need you.”

“Ok sir. Sorry for the issues caused by my guys.”

The line went dead.

Written by Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)

Twitter @olulu4ever, Instagram @olulutheking, olulu4ever@gmail.com, +2348025070892

Smoking Guns and Bleeding Streets is a gritty, gripping, and gravely real crime story.

The story is set in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. It brings together an investigative journalist, an assassin, law enforcement agents and some shady characters. They are all in a race to obtain an incriminating piece of evidence.

To download your copy as an E-book, please click on any of the links below:

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