Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Bullets Cry Def Poetry: Louis Reyes- ''Bullets Cry''

Warriors Walk Alone by Jessica Care Moore

THE WIDOW Courage Productions and PAPERSPOKE Poetry first Collaborated Production.

I AM (Lyric Video) by REZthaPoet “I AM” by REZthaPoet, is a spokenword expression that seeks to reinforce and encourage pride in one’s heritage and culture inspired by REZ's experiences.

Divorce…#NSW6 NSW6. Night of the Spoken Word 6.

Pillow Talk Pillow Talk by Dike-Ogu Chukwumerije at NSW6. Night of the Spoken Word 6.

Letter to a Black Woman #SpokenWord by DanMan @DanmanSSQUAD Letter to a Black Woman - SPOKEN WORD by Danman A Universally relatable Spoken Word written by Danman from S-Squad Entertainment that touches on issues...

Once Upon a Time – Daisy Odey Daisy Odey A Spoken Word artist doing Once Upon a Time at A Book for Change Campaign 2015

I look for a people – Celina Kile #ABookforChange Campaign 2015. Spoken word by Celina Kile at A Book for Change Campaign 2015.

Power of Words by Habeeb The Beloved #WOWAfrica Let the falling leaves tell the tales of dying branches To the growing shrubs Let it feed their push green With a dose of its faded brown Let...