Thursday, March 21, 2019

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The Executioner by Favour || Spoken Word Poetry "Don't tell me you want peace when you train me with bombs and guns and ammunition.... Save me, for the Executioner has got a...

Let us unite and fight for our Nation || Spoken Word Poetry THE MOST POWERFUL SPOKEN WORD POETRY EVER HEARD(The Great President) - 2019 Spoken Word Poetry

Black by ArchAngel (Spoken Word Poetry) Black by Arch Angel (a Spoken Word piece)

Off the Hizzle for Shizzle Off the Hizzle for Shizzle by Jamie Foxx on Def Poetry

My Money has been acting funny lately Poetri doing MONEY on Def Poetry

My Nigeria || Spoken Word Poetry by Jolade A spoken word piece I wrote and filmed in Nigeria. Recorded the vocals in London. Have a watch, enjoy and please share. Peace. Many thanks to: Afaron...

Love Poem Medley by Rudy Francisco || Spoken Word Poetry   To the girl who works at the Starbucks down the street from my house on Delmar Heights Road, swear to God, I'm not a...

Little 21st Youngster by Isaac Daniel || Spoken Word Poetry Isaac Daniel is a Nigerian Poet and Cross River State ambassador. His first official spoken word piece speaks ideals of what was..

Dear Mother (Letter to Nigeria) || Spoken Word Poetry In this spoken word piece, Sarah Okoye (Seiba) narrates her optimism about the state of Nigeria in spite of all the pain. #StepUpTheVote