Sunday, June 24, 2018

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They Say I Live In A Free Country Night of the Spoken Word (NSW) Season 5

Sunrise in Miami The Poet, Donna - Teaser: Sunrise In Miami - A poem about light reflecting on one's darkness.

Be Blunt by Sophia Thakur || SPOKEN WORD POETRY Poet// Sophia Thakur @Sophiathakur Guitarist// Fee Daisal @FeeDaisal Filmed and edited by Jamal Anthony @JamalAnthony1

No More Heroes 2016 NPS Finals - Baltimore - Grim Jackson "No More Heroes" Grim Jackson is a national spoken word poet, hip-hop artist, actor, and music producer...

Clemency Green doing Spoken Word Poetry at iPOETRY (Spoken Word Show) Clemency Green displayed an amazing Spoken Word act at iPOETRY (Spoken Word Show)

I love you by Chika Jones #WordUpVol9 Chika Jones on stage at Word Up Volume 7. He will also be on stage at Word Up Volume 9, Saturday March 21, 2015...

Farmers or Warriors??? #WOWAfrica For more info go to and  

BYD by Saint Rhymes | Spoken Word Poetry | Official Video A spokenword video with a mix of Pun, rhymes, punchlines, afrobeat and more to inspire, motivate and educate young people on the immense possibilities...

Without Blindfolds #warofwords6 – Mano Prosper   Should i cite again my pain from the beginning At two told was i who to love where not to go Whose grains not to eat...

Doing It Wrong by Alysia Harris and Miles Hodges Alysia Harris and Miles Hodges featuring Nick Hakim performing "Doing It Wrong" live at The Strivers Row showcase, Dean's List 3. http://www.facebook/thestriversrow