Sunday, May 20, 2018

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This is How We Disappear by Titilope Sonuga Titilope Sonuga performs This Is How We Disappear at the July 30th Finale of the Open Series in Lagos

Aristotle by Clint Smith (Spoken Word Poetry) A poem by Clint Smith (DC Region Corps, Teach For America, 2011) Watch the documentary 'Tell your truth' here: Clint Smith and his students help...

To This Day… for the bullied and beautiful | Shane Koyczan By turn hilarious and haunting, poet Shane Koyczan puts his finger on the pulse of what it's like to be young and ... different....

Picture Perfect Picture Perfect - Poetry by Saphia Louise Saphia Louise New poetry Picture Perfect Instagram: @McAwesomee

Coming Up Short by Thuli Zuma Thuli Zuma, performs "Coming Up SHort" as part of NYC Urbana Poetry Slam. The Bowery Poetry CLub, 5/12

TOO & ENOUGH | English Grammar Lesson ⚡⚡ mmmENGLISH CYBER SALE: All courses 70% off! ⚡⚡ ➡ This lesson focuses on the words 'too' and 'enough'. They can both be...

My Voice by Cynthia Amoah || Spoken Word Poetry "My Voice" by Cynthia Amoah "Love Me Tinder" Event at The Broadway Comedy Club NYC

Tips To Improve Your Grammar! English Auxiliary Verbs | BE, DO & HAVE Use Grammarly to check your English grammar, for FREE! Grammarly will SHOW you when you make mistakes with auxiliary verbs and many other...

To The Process by Cynthia Amoah "To The Process" by Cynthia Amoah Cinematography by Wilson Espinal

SPINNING GREATNESS (Spoken Word Poetry Advert by Heritage Bank) A SPOKEN WORD POETRY PIECE BY SHEILA OJEI. I spin greatness from yarn weave your desires into garments of colours that cast you in the centre of...