Thursday, March 21, 2019

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To The Process by Cynthia Amoah "To The Process" by Cynthia Amoah Cinematography by Wilson Espinal

Dear Life by Melissa Paiz │Spoken Word Poetry During our low moments and our bad days, we sometimes start to wonder about our purpose for living and question why things have to...

Comforter | Emily Wairimu | Spoken word Poetry This Piece is dedicated to everyone who has had to deal with the loss of a loved one. May you experience God's comfort as...

MENTAL ILLNESS by Kormbat || Spoken Word Poetry Mental illness is a serious issue we have to address in Nigeria. Anyone can suffer from it. To speak to a specialized person on MENTAL...

Alone by Melissa Paiz │ Spoken Word Poetry Sometimes the feeling of loneliness creeps up on us and it's so easy to feel alone. Negative thoughts can really drive a person against...

Let’s Make Babies by Orodelight || Spoken Word Poetry  

This isn’t a wedding poem (or is it?) Beautiful Poem at Wedding | New Orleans Style Reception | {Georgia Wedding Film}

Dear Daughter by Jasmine Sims || Spoken Word Poetry  

Is there hope for Africa? by Titilayo Mabogunje || Spoken Word Poetry ALA alumna Titilayo Mabogunje, Nigeria's first slam champion in the annual War of Words competition, who is now a pre-med undergraduate at Yale University...

The End by Orodelight || Spoken Word Poetry Ever wondered how the end will be? This spoken word poetry piece explores the different possible ends.