Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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CROSSROADS by 78THPSALMIST || Spoken Word Poetry

https://youtu.be/F8JkI7vy7F0 Crossroads is a spoken word video, Proudly supported by Wac People and MoStixsVisuals Dedicated to, Award winning Rap Genius , HipHop General and a...

Adventures of Love || Spoken Word Poetry

https://youtu.be/PZTD034p_18 A spoken word poem on a journey every human is to embark on; the journey of love the road gets bumpy sometimes, but it's...

Rifle by Rudy Francisco || Spoken Word Poetry

https://youtu.be/t3F0FfNiFss Spoken-word poet Rudy Francisco delivers a heartfelt poem called "Rifle" from his book Helium for the Tonight Show audience.  

Justice For…. League Of Xtraordinary Poets

https://youtu.be/9tkN0jXVD48 Police Brutality has been a menace to the society and a threat to the lives of young Nigerians and youths all over the world. Silence...

Brandon Leake Makes History With Powerful Poetry at America’s Got Talent 2020

https://youtu.be/tdjIFkM-ohQ Brandon Leake makes history by being the first spoken word artist to appear on AGT. Howie Mandel was so moved by Brandon's performance that...


https://youtu.be/PzmWEklAg9E Sometime last year, I met a phenomenal woman - Mrs Ifeoma Ifejika, a sickle cell survivor - I am yet to meet a more...

Conversation With My Therapist S1E2 – How To Drown Death (Spoken Word Poetry)

https://youtu.be/bHBhSfqH8Jk This episode speaks about death and the how it affect us. It also highlights jungle justice and why it should stop.

Suli Breaks – R.I.P [Rewind It Please]

https://youtu.be/JfSMeK4P294 When I say R.I.P, I don't mean Rest In Peace, Rewind It Please so we can Remain In Peace. Performing one of my most classic...

Conversation With My Therapist S1E1 – Rose Amongst Thorns

https://youtu.be/RS_NXtZD6q8 This is the pilot episode for Conversation With My Therapist. This episode explores rejection and everything inbetween.

Serenity by Rami

https://youtu.be/9WCaOv9HKeU A Video Poem written and directed by Nigerian Rami, a participant in the Fernando Pullum Performing Arts Center Film Class 2015