Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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The Prostitute || Spoken Word Poetry @iamthinkingpen || The Prostitute || Spokenword Performed live at the Uniben Main Auditorium @ Graham Garrick Words Unspoken

Will You Be Mine Forever │Spoken Word Poetry Music from by ninjatech111__beautiful-violin-music Patreon:

It’s Not What You Think by Atang Agwe || Spoken Word Poetry This piece is about misconceptions of living a life with Christ. Some people think Christianity is comprised of roses and happiness and rainbows and...

Joy by ChidinmaR || Spoken Word Poetry This poem is about how I found strength, learnt to trust God again and how I fought real hard after a lot happened in...


One Africa by Toby Penpriest || Spoken Word Poetry  

Spoken Word Poetry: Parasite Let God get rid of this parasite. Forgive. Come love with me! Twitter: @vintagegawd IG: vintagegawd

10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman by Joshua Bennett Ten Things I want to say a Black Woman by The Strivers Row poet Joshua Bennett

10 Things I want to say to a Black Man Falu,as part of Taylor Mali's Page Meets Stage Series performs"10 Things I want to say to a Black Man" on a stage shared with...

Asthma kills || Spoken Word Poetry || Saint Rhymes A spoken word poem about Asthma and the need to get information and knowledge about the condition. Applied knowledge save lives