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Flight Number CHANGE ready for take off

Shaky start because the runway is rough

Only the brave stand to be counted

In the midst of a people dejected.


Its time to become responsible for our Nation

In times of socio-edu-economic demotion

Its time to contribute our own little portion

Nothing is insignificant in providing a solution


Enough of Ndigboism and Afeniferism

It’s time to promote Nigerianism

This flight won’t land without a good fight

Each one has to play his own part


Even if we got our independence without bloodshed,

Should we become slaves in our own shed?

If Congo, Sudan, Liberia and Zimbabwe don’t make us reason

We’d will be lucky to escape becoming another lesson


Flight Number CHANGE ready for take off

A collective vision driven by love

Tiv, Ibibio, Fulani and Kanuri

There’s enough space for all and sundry.

Kunle Jinadu

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