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Captain Nigeria (Greatness) #WarOfWords6 by Promise Osigwe


I don’t a lot
I don’t know why, but I don’t smile a lot
I think it’s because of all these hurt
All these hurt I gathered in my heart over the years it never seems to heal
Proudly decorating my heart with scars
So much so it scarcely bleeds but when it does, it doesn’t bleed red, it bleeds green
Cause I’ve turned my pain into strength
They now call me the mean green fighting machine
The Incredible hulk
Cause I fight for what I believe
I’m a patriot
I wear the colours of my country in my heart
Green white green
My country so green we had to say it twice
Because productivity runs in our veins
No matter how hard recession seems to eat deep into the system
Or whistle blowers relentlessly blow like it were the Nigerian premier league
Or corruption seems to destroy our reputation
Or NEPA wire no longer seems to wire, power
No matter what
If you cut me open you would find that green blood flows in my veins
Cause I bleed green.
So if you see me in your hood wearing a big grin
Just know it’s a fake
Cause I don’t smile a lot
And I know you only want to take advantage of the greenness in my system
But it’s not a problem
I’ll let you cause I want the best for you.
So call me captain Nigeria
For all these scars I got, I got them fighting for you
I fought for you on laptops, desktops, table tops
I’ve fought for you without tops
Got my head chopped right off
Just to defend your unity and uphold your glory
But the irony
All these scars I got, you gave me
When you said “Nigeria jaga jaga, everything scatter scatter”
You smote me
When you said “eyin oyibo emma funmi ni visa, kinma ku oh, emma funmi ni visa”
You stabbed, punched me, broke me
But I won’t stop fighting for you
Until your children can live in a country governed by peace and free of corruption
I would keep my heart raging
And my green blood hemorrhaging
And even when I die, I won’t turn black
I would forever remain green cause I’m productive like that
Until you understand the true meaning of bleeding green
You would never understand the true meaning of greatness.

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