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Candlelights by Micheal Ace


There is another name for my neighbour’s body- hell.
It’s the only place I know where God doesn’t exist.
I have watched her fade into darkness on nights
When big men count stars between her legs.

I have seen her follow the path of water
Into wines, liquors & strange liquids,
And the path of white smokes
Into dark highness.

I heard she knows all sex styles
Like the way a blind man
Opens his eyes, wide
In dreamland.

I do hope she learns
That everything
Good does

A woman’s beauty
Is a candlelight;
Only gentle

Do the


Biography of the writer
Micheal Ace is a poet and writer from Ibadan, Nigeria. He’s been
published on various magazines and journals in and out of Africa-
praxis magazine, AfricanWriter, Lunaris review, Khalari review,Tuck
magazine, South Africa Diaspora and many others. He believes the
world Is too complex for a pen to remain idle.

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