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Can we get 1,000 poems from 1,000 poets in Nigeria? #NaijaPoetryHasComeOfAge


Someone once told me, “I can’t see the “poetic” talents we have in Nigeria.”

Well,  truth is, you can’t see what you don’t look for.

The recent Wole Soyinka at 80 years celebration which featured 70 Performance/ Spoken Word poets from all over Nigeria, has shown that poets are abundant resources in Nigeria.You just have to give them a reason to “unearth” themselves. After all, gold, diamond and the likes are not on found on the surface.

Fortunately and unfortunately, life is sometimes a game of numbers, so now, it is time for poets in Nigeria to stand up and be counted.

Can we get 1,000 poems from 1,000 poets in 10 days?

This is to show that Nigerian Poetry Industry Have Come Of Age and We Are A Force To Reckon With

Thus, starting from when you read this, tell a poet to tell a poet to tell a poet to post their poems via this link:


Please ensure you register and login to post your poems. To register go to http://wordupnaija.tv/forum/

The rules are:

  • It is one poem per poet.
  • Each poem must not be more than 15 lines
  • The title/ subject matter for the poems should be, “Poetry is……… “

However, you are free to break all above the rules except one. That is, one poem per poet.

The poems will later be published as a poetry anthology before the end of 2014, more details later.

Are you ready?

Let the “POEM-fest” begin…!!!!!!

12x 1000 poets12x 1000 poets


  1. Poetry is a moon created for all,
    Birds sing it every morning,
    Hands clap it often.
    The mouth are at high appraisal of its subtleties,
    Yet the shadow of life necessities
    Calls it zilch on its roaring success on the societies.

    Poetry is a mirror that sees more of poem in words,
    A nameplate of irony to a miasma of a forced marriage
    on teenage.
    Fabric of words that makes curtains of impact on the societies,

    Poetry is an abstruse of wisdom in a piece,
    With the perfections to correct human and appreciate nature,
    Noble hearts feeds on it,
    Dove like on the sea of beauty.

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